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"So it goes." 7 months ago
I just finished this one too, and I gave it fewer stars. I really wanted to like it, but there was so much alike about each essay (even the all-but-one-women's employment were similar.) I didn't see how it covered "rape culture." Sure it covered rape, but I agree with you - I wanted more than a bunch of essays about being raped/surviving rape. I've read a ton of better books about the few truly salient points made here. I think my low rating is because I was so disappointed, so I stopped myself from screeding a review until I can settle down a bit. I was... disappointed, as a person, a professional and a survivor. Your point about the lack of the "culture" part is perfect.
Chris' Fish Place 7 months ago
Thank you for commenting because none of the other reviews I saw pointed it out, and I was thinking I was alone out there. I would have brought regardless. I love Gay and Union, but the title is a little misleading. Talking about rape is important and we need to remove the stimga, but not every woman who has been affected/effected by rape culture has been raped. If you are going to talk about rape culture that needs to be brought up as well. I was really happy that there were trans and straight male essays in the collection. That is very important because rarely is it talked about - but still the essays that focused more on culture were far more interesting.