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"So it goes." 6 months ago
I did some interviews years ago on biracial people of the generation just before me - so I was born in 1967 & it was tough at times being biracial in my life, but the generation before mine experienced these sundown towns typically by being taken to see relatives and smuggled out IN THE TRUNKS of CARS - by their parent or another relative. I'd read that in books, but the sheer number of people who told me about this was shocking. They were never allowed to say they were related, and it just sounds awful. There was a lot of racial animus between the two sides of my family, but at least we were never stuck in someone's trunk to escape town after dark... This seems to have been very very common.
Chris' Fish Place 6 months ago
He talks about that a little in the sections I have read so far. So far he has not mentioned biracial people. What is intersting is that the black towns that sprung up as a place to live in reaction to Sundown towns, were more mixed in terms of race, though whites in sundown towns thought that whites in those towns were white trash. It didn't stop the sundown whites from buying booze there though. He is also really explaining how the inner city happened.