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Familiar Diversions 8 months ago
I could see this ending up as an illustration in a book chapter on toxic fandom.
Chris' Fish Place 8 months ago
You know, I didn't really like FA, and I have problems with the TLJ, but seriously WTF is with these people? (I felt Finn was let down in TLJ by the plot).
Familiar Diversions 8 months ago
I was so-so about both of them, and technically I'm not even a huge fan of Star Wars in general. That said, I've been disappointed in things I've been a huge fan of, so I know the feeling, and the way these people are reacting is ridiculous.
Chris' Fish Place 8 months ago
Seriously. I mean I was first like, oh good they are asking for that Leia kicks butt and romances Holdo movie. But nope.
Debbie's Spurts 8 months ago
Disney is making money hand over fist with plenty of younger viewers and kids becoming diehard fans. I doubt they'll pay attention to this or miss the funds from older fans. I'm a big Star Wars fan, but haven't liked or bought anything this decade.
Moonlight Reader 8 months ago
Oh dear. Delusions of importance, anyone?
Darth Pony 8 months ago
Oh, it gets better! They also did a version in Aurebesh (Star Wars alphabet). I have never been simultaneously so entertained and so depressed by one of my fandoms. lolsob