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Nope,you are not the only one lol
Chris' Fish Place 7 months ago
Thank you.
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Nope. You are definitely not alone there.
Decidedly not. I don't own a kindle, but as for the rest -- definitely been there, done that. Every. Single. Time. (And I usually start at the airport, right before takeoff.)
BrokenTune 7 months ago
^^^ The airport bookshop. My nemesis also.
Chris' Fish Place 7 months ago
Oh yes. I was so good this time. Took a train, spent a night in NYC and didn't buy a thing from the Strand stand in Times Square. Also only brought a newspaper from the bookstore at the station.
BrokenTune 7 months ago
That is restraint. How did you do it? Looking for advice here.
Chris' Fish Place 7 months ago
I really don't know. I didn't go over all the stacks, though
Char's Horror Corner 7 months ago
Familiar Diversions 7 months ago
My phone, my e-ink e-reader, at least one new-to-me paper book, and at least one comfort read paper book. And yet I still browse airport bookstores like I don't have a whole library with me.
markk 7 months ago
Like Themis, I don't own an e-reader but in every other respect I can completely relate. Because of it, I've developed some coping mechanisms, which I offer in the hope that they might help:

1) Embrace my reading mood. This is the single most important step for me, as the time available to read is part of the appeal of a trip. Given the relationship between enjoying what I'm reading and enjoying the trip itself, I've learned to go with what I want to read rather than simply accepting what I previously decided to take.

2) Starting the book I'm taking before I leave. This is a great way of ensuring that I'm taking what I want to read, though it can be a dicey balancing act, as if i read too much beforehand I run the risk of finishing my book before the wheels life up from the tarmac.

3) Indulge myself. If it isn't working out I remind myself of one key fact -- IT'S A VACATION!!! This ties into #1; if I'm not enjoying what I'm reading (usually because I have ignored #1 or failed on the balancing act in #2 and find that my back-up isn't cutting it), then I go to a bookshop to find an impulse read and I don't beat myself up about it. I refuse to be the one who ruins my vacation.
BrokenTune 7 months ago
These are excellent strategies. :)
markk 7 months ago
Darth Pony 7 months ago
On my last real vacation that involved extended travel, I took a kindle and a paperback and came back with four suitcases each half full of books, so . . . XD
Murder by Death 7 months ago
^^^This. I also shipped 2 boxes back ahead of me. (No kindle though.)
Extra suitcases, boxes shipped ahead of me ... yep. Been there, done all of these, too. Repeatedly.
Huh! I would do the same but I would the books and then go to the bookstore and buy more!
Yeap. And also make a point to visit local book-stores and public libraries to see what they have, and just to plain get to feel the book-lust and library-envy
My Never Ending List 7 months ago
Love this! I always check out bookstores or book counters when we travel. I also bring a few books to exchange should I find a book exchange somewhere. I always travel with at least 4 books, my kindle and iPad, and some magazines. My husband always kids me about being stranded with nothing to do.