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Familiar Diversions 4 months ago
Ahh, when I first saw the advertisement graphic, I thought they meant that you could choose two of any Audible Original, which sounded pretty great. Two of a selection of six is less great.
Chris' Fish Place 4 months ago
Yeah, but I've had my eye on that Mulligan one, and Emma Thompson, so it was a win for me.
Debbie's Spurts 4 months ago
This is how they introduced kindle firsts (now "first reads") for ebooks. Very quickly after the launch, kindle firsts became ARCs just for the Amazon publishing imprints (still free and now also can choose from six rather than original four).

I wonder if Audible Original will go that same direction, i.e., the six choices will all be published by Amazon?
Isn't that what they're already doing? If they're Audible originals, it means that Audible is creating them, and they're owned by Amazon, so...
Familiar Diversions 4 months ago
Audible Originals can only be purchased at Amazon, as far as I know - they are definitely published/created by Amazon already. (Which I believe also means libraries can't buy them for Overdrive -not really related to this discussion, but it bugs me.)
Chris' Fish Place 4 months ago
It actually really isn't that much of a change because they were offering originals for free every so often.
Char's Horror Corner 4 months ago
I chose the X-Files one and...I forgot what the other one was. Oh, The Coming Storm by Michael Lewis.