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Linda Hilton 3 months ago
The Epsom Derby is THE Derby.
Chris' Fish Place 3 months ago
I have only seen the Derby used by Americans in Kentucky to mean the Kentucky Derby. They use the Epsom Derby when referring to that. TBH, the American parts didn't feel like America anyway.
Linda Hilton 2 months ago
I have this book and should read it to get a better sense of what's going on.

Author Anthony is English, so that might explain the lack of an American feel to it.

My understanding, which could be wrong, is that The Derby -- pronounced "Darby" -- is the Epsom Derby. It would never be called just "the Epsom."

From Wikipedia:

The name "Derby" has become synonymous with great races all over the world, and as such has been borrowed many times, notably by the Kentucky Derby in the United States. The Derby run at Epsom is the original and in Great Britain is invariably referred to as "the Derby". It is one of Britain's great national sporting events[2] and has a large worldwide TV audience.[3]

The first was run in 1780, making it about a century older than the Kentucky Derby.
Chris' Fish Place 2 months ago
Right. But the first person to simply say the Derby is from Kentucky. It would be perfectly fine if his English wife had mentioned it, but the character is Kentucky born, bred, and living in Kentucky when he says it. It's like paragraphs later that you find out that it is the Epsom. I know Anthony is English and writing for a English audience, but it felt really off for an old Kentucky money gentleman to say it. If he had been English and had said Derby, I would've known Epsom. But he's a Kentuckian old school. Makes no sense for him to refer it that way at least the first time. It's nickpicking, I know. I liked the other other Anthony books I read but this one wasn't that hot.
Linda Hilton 2 months ago
Yeah, if it's Kentucky and horse racing, I suppose the only derby is at Churchill Downs.

I read the first few pages, and the wife makes a passing reference about going to England next year, so maybe it fits in that context.

But I would have thought it would have been made clearer, as you said, considering both American and English audiences.
Chris' Fish Place 2 months ago
Or if it was first person pov from the wife. Mostly, I didn't buy the romance.