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Mike Finn 3 months ago
Thanks for this review. I had this on my list for Halloween Bingo but dropped it because of its length. Now I'm going to go back and take my time with it.
Chris' Fish Place 3 months ago
I read the kindle edition so it's hard to tell, but it flows really well. And then he works in all these mystery authors like Rankin, James, and Rendell.
I've got this sitting on my (physical) TBR as well and have actually snooped a bit here and there. From what I can see, he ups the ante on the gimmick being used in this book in his next one yet a bit more. I'm not sure I'm sold on the gimmick, but I sure am glad to hear this one flows well.
Chris' Fish Place 3 months ago
It works for one book. I'm not sure I want to see it in another book. Part of the reason the gimmick here works is because it is also a look at why people like murder mysteries, whichis fun.
Yes, knowing he's doing something similar (though not identical) in two books in a row was part of what ended up making me unsure about both of them, too. But I guess I'll eventually get around to this one, in any event -- then I'll see.