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Oh, wow. This sounds fascinating -- and so long overdue!
Chris' Fish Place 9 months ago
She is being trolled on twitter. It is so well researched that the trolls just look so stupid.
That's awful, though given the topic probably not totally unexpected. I hope she doesn't take anybody's bait. People are such idiots (and that includes plenty of Ripperologists)!
Chris' Fish Place 9 months ago
She has talked about it, but the only thing she is done is repost with a comment like "it's footnoted". Quite frankly, liking her to Irving is just beyond the pale. Cornwall's ripper book is horrible, but I wouldn't even compare her to Irving.
Obsidian Blue 9 months ago
This sounds very good and I sadly couldn't name the women until you listed them.
Chris' Fish Place 9 months ago
I had to double check name spellings. Some of the names I remembered before reading the book. But not all of them. I did have to look up the other Manson victims though.
As the page turns.. 9 months ago
I didn't know either about the book or the author's woes with trolling. It sounds like a very interesting book!

That is the sad truth with victims indeed.
Chris' Fish Place 8 months ago
It is.
Midu Reads 8 months ago
Loved the review even though I knew nothing about the book or the author. Thanks for sharing!
Chris' Fish Place 8 months ago
Thank you. You're welcome.