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Abandoned by user 5 years ago
Just off the top of my head, it looks like this would fit for Diverse Authors, A Grimm Tale and Supernatural. Any others?
International Woman of Mystery, Supernatural, possibly also Full Moon and Relics & Curiosities?
Chris' Fish Place 5 years ago
It isn't so much a mystery. Relics and Curios, yes. Deadlands and creepy crawlies as well. Possibly Grave or Graveyard because she does go to the land of the dead (and there is a box with bones in it, so you could say that's a grave).
Definitely -- it's a coffin (of sorts)!

As for "International Woman of Mystery", Moonlight said that it is an outcrop of "Terrifying Women", which in the past included all women writers whose writings fit *any* of the Halloween Bingo categories (i.e., including horror and supernatural). I was thinking of the supernatural elements here. -- MR, clarification, please?
Lillelara 5 years ago
I can take this book for the Creepy Crawlies square? That is excellent. Thank you for the heads up. I really loved Garcia Moreno┬┤s "Signal To Noise", so this book is definitely going on my Halloween bingo TBR.
Chris' Fish Place 5 years ago
Many, many creepy crawlies in the second half of the book.
Lillelara 5 years ago
Awesome ... not the insects and whatnot, but that I can use the book ;). Thanks.