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Ooooohhhh!! :D

(Though, shouldn't he have a few scratches and scars more as a human, too? Not that I'm complaining, mind ...)
Chris' Fish Place 1 month ago
He's got an eye patch. He is wearing a shirt and jacket, sadly, so . . .
Yes, but come on, he's got an entirely scratch-free chest and face ... how likely is that (eye patch or not)?!
Chris' Fish Place 1 month ago
make up?
... on a magically transformed creature in the middle of a crisis (which is the reason why he was transformed to begin with)? I know I'm nitpicking, just -- he's looking so much prettier than the way Pratchett describes his feline self!
BrokenTune 1 month ago
LoL. I was expecting more scars, too.