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This is very much true. It's a sad state of things. Recently I was so fed up with all the 'erotica/romance' mania that is destroying all my favourite genres.

si-fi? It's getting there. Fantasy? That ship sailed around the world an back again. All books that were about magic, monsters, people and saving the world (with love as a by-product of living and interacting with others) turned into: omg, hot men + virginal unicorns = the bomb! Plot is just an afterthought. And sadly many of mine (afterthoughts. not plots) are much more complex and well executed than the book itself. Unfortunately I can never put them down, as they come to me on a bus, mostly ;) It's sad. Now it's all about angsty lovesick teens and hot, abusive sex, and raging misogyny.

Ok, maybe not all, but those books get most attention.
Brilliant. Non-con is a fetish of mine, and this series still bugs me. I think it's because, as you said, for the fans/Hamilton, the ardeur is just a justification for the rape, and that is not awesome with me. (I hate non-con stories, or any stories, where people fall for their rapists. Just... ick for me.)

But you put into words everything that bugs me about the ardeur and this series, even if it took me a while to figure out the ick factor.
Chris' Fish Place 11 years ago
I don't know why everything has to be erotica. I don't mind rated R scenes or whatever, but pretty of times it just feels like there is no point. Honestly, if I want to read erotica, I can find pretty of good stuff free on the internet.
This, too. Back before it was just all porn all the time, it wasn't great, but it was amusing.
Jamie's Book Blog 11 years ago
Very good post. All true and some of those things I didn't even catch. I do not like the way she shows women or "sexual freedom". Rape very much disgusts me and I don't find it appealing, exciting, etc. Not in real life nor in books. It's a huge double standard that Anita gets to be with anyone and everyone yet every man must be faithful to her. Bad people are rewarded for using her and nice guys are shoved to the side. Oh, and all the women who don't totally worship the ground she walks on are bitches. I really hate that in any books how all the girls who don't agree with or aren't the main heroine are sluts or bitches.
bookaneer 11 years ago
This is fantastic. Your insight about how sexual freedom must involve the freedom to choose perfectly captures something that frustrates me in a ton of UF.
Chris' Fish Place 11 years ago
Do you follow Raging Stormtrooper Pony? Her LKH reviews are great.