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And for McCullough, it's a short book!
Degrees of Affection 8 years ago
It is. I found it quite good. I'll have to read it again as it's been awhile. Great review!
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 8 years ago
I had this on my wish list for years now ever since I read about this, now I can't remember the original book that led me to this one! Anyway, it's now on my ereader and I'm pondering starting it, even though I had just promised to actually finish one of the ones I'm reading! Decisions, decisions... (I do love problems like this!)
Degrees of Affection 8 years ago
I highly recommend it. It didn't take me a terribly ling time either if I'm remembering correctly.
Chris' Fish Place 8 years ago
It's actually quite short, or at least it reads that way. First McCullough I've (I know, I know. Hangs head in shame)
I think every other McCullough is middling length to LONG, but not this one. Still a great read.
bookaneer 8 years ago
I know nothing about this telephone bill thing. Off to investigate...