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Ha! Hardly, altho I did try 2x myself b4 calling my buddy. :)
Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
Awesome post, thank you! I've always wanted to know how bloggers achieve that little block quote but was always too lazy to go and figure it out for myself. That CSS code made it automatic and that is amazing for someone as lazy as me :)
Glad to cut to the chase. :) FYI, minor tweaks to basic CSS = get several different block options. :)

TBT, the above post is cumulative but whittled-down info from all of my notes after reading/trying stuff from various tutorials here, plus what my buddy told me to do. In the end, I told him the basics of what I wanted, hopefully via Custom CSS b/c so much easier. After reading thru BL's default HTML, he figured out what could & couldn't be done via Custom CSS w/o re-writing the entire HTML. ^.^