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Compulsion - Community Reviews back

by Clare London
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Slitsread rated it 7 years ago
Ugh so where do I start. This book had the makings to be a 5 or a 10 star with me. It had all the makings that I love in a book.MafiaDrugsGangsBad boysMale on Male hotnessBut it just….fell short…. I don’t know.It was fast paced…. and then really slow…. then fast… then slow….SometimeI wanted to just ...
MishyJo rated it 7 years ago
I had mixed feelings about this one. Some parts worked for me and some didn't.The MCs: I liked Max more that a lot of people seemed to. I didn't find him overly whiny or wishy washy. He had been through a lot and his inability to figure out what he wanted didn't bother me that much. The way, de...
JustJen rated it 7 years ago
Review written for The Blog of Sid Love.Max is a down-on-his-luck guy who has had it rough ever since his early foster home days. His current situation finds him back home, licking his wounds while staying with friends, Louis and Jack, who have taken him back and offered support with little to no q...
Loederkoningin rated it 7 years ago
Fuck me. Nothing as frustrating as spotting glimpses of something hot and exciting in a mostly terrible mess of major fails. This started out okay. Except for the not exactly subtle info dumping that’s going on, the first meeting between Max (who I would later start referring to as The Whiny Little ...
Candice rated it 8 years ago
3.5 starsI have mixed feelings about this story. The story itself was pretty good, kind of predictable of where it was going to go, but seemed rushed towards the end. These two had a steamy relationship which was smokin hot at times (most of the time). Max was a little bit annoying and whiny at t...
No Glitter Blown
No Glitter Blown rated it 8 years ago
Enjoyable story with some interesting characters, but I had a hard time connecting with it. Perhaps it was the degree of inner monologue, or the stilted transitions between scenes or maybe just it annoyed me that the communication between Max and Seve was so dreadful even when they got to the "we're...
BarbsBooks rated it 8 years ago
I loved the slow reveal of the extent of Max's part in the seedy dealings with Peck and the Medina group in London, it kept me on my toes! the chemistry between Max and Seve was palpable. Seve was incredibly hot! I always love that mix of arrogance and vulnerability. Great read!
elizabetta rated it 8 years ago
4.5 starsCompulsion is the name of the popular nightclub owned by Seve and where he and Max meet.Compulsion is that overwhelming need to act towards something.Seve and Max have an insatiable compulsion for each other.Compulsions can lead to great things and not so great things.This is a tricky story...
Monique ~ Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
Compulsion: An irresistible impulse to act, regardless of the rationality of the motivation...Oh. My. God. What a compelling and fabulous read from a very talented author that has now, most definitely become a must buy for me. I loved this book and when I finished it last night - I wanted more! fli...
AimeeKim rated it 8 years ago
3.5 stars....Seve, rich, arrogant, and rumored playboy, is a man who gets what he wants wherever he wants it. This means spontaneous, passionate sex against the wall, in the elevator, in the middle of the hallway, in the car, on poorly structured furniture....The concept of a bed is a foreign idea...
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