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by Carl Sagan
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Wanda's Book Reviews
Wanda's Book Reviews rated it 3 years ago
Contact. The first contact with a non-human intelligence, beaming information at Earth from somewhere in the vicinity of the star Vega. I was reminded strongly of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001, a Space Odyssey and also his Rendezvous with Rama. Sagan and Clarke were both very familiar with the political m...
Books 'n Stuff
Books 'n Stuff rated it 3 years ago
Synopsis: A radio astronomer at a remote observatory makes a discovery of alien proportions. I wrote out a whole review about this book....and then my connection gave out when I hit post...because I'm cabled in tonight and FUCK. So I'm rewriting this again and trying to figure out what I wrote. ...
Farnaz rated it 4 years ago
This book will be mine! I said. when I first spotted it. Fantastic read. The agency called SETI, Search for Extraterrestrial intelligence, after many years of active looking into the space at last found aliens on the Star, Vega. The scientists checked thousand times. They made no mistake. They A...
Jill rated it 6 years ago
Contact is not only one of the most religious science fiction books I’ve ever read but also one of the most religious books I’ve ever read, period. In Carl Sagan’s only work of fiction, the story is a mere backbone, a structure upon which Sagan can explore what he truly wants to explore, that is, th...
tien rated it 6 years ago
wow - the ending completely stumped me. As in I'm stumped as to whether I like it or not. Love the existence of a twist but not sure if I like it where it is. Got you confused? I'm confused!
ken rated it 6 years ago
This is one of the cases where the movie is much better than the book. The movie is among the best SF movies of all time (so far), while the book is mediocre at best. Sagan was a great scientist, even visionary, but a great writer he was not. If you want to read Sagan, I'd recommend Pale Blue Dot.
Booklog rated it 7 years ago
Carl Sagan is perhaps the greatest science communicator of the twentieth century. Contact is a novel about our first contact with an extraterrestrial species. Solidly grounded in science with plausible explanations and explicatory digressions, it's hard to find fault with the realism of the work. Th...
Musings of a Bibliomaniac
Musings of a Bibliomaniac rated it 7 years ago
What a truly remarkable read. This is the kind of science fiction which instead of being more speculative relies on existing theories about extraterrestrial life and details of the ongoing research to spin an enthralling tale. Carl Sagan has tried in his own unique way to merge the seemingly contrad...
Secret Literature
Secret Literature rated it 7 years ago
Very good.
siobhanparker rated it 8 years ago
Why this book is considered a sci-fi classic is beyond me. There's too much rambling by the narrator, most of which is done in these ridiculously long paragraphs. Add a Bible-bashing scene, boring writing, and out-of-order chronology, and I gave up early on this one. Glad I only paid a quarter fo...
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