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Dare You To - Community Reviews back

by Katie McGarry
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Heidi Hart
Heidi Hart rated it 5 years ago
This second installment in the "Pushing the Limits" series wasn't as angsty as the first book (Pushing the Limits), which I liked. At the same time, though, Beth and Ryan's story doesn't pack the same emotional punch. That's not to say it's not chockfull of melodrama: Beth has a truly horrible backs...
BOOK NOOK: Reviews and Thoughts:
BOOK NOOK: Reviews and Thoughts: rated it 6 years ago
She has done it again! I am in love with this book. I want more of these characters like now. It was the most cool bad girl and good boy story.But it was also so much more then that. It really showed how characters that seemed to have nothing in common could be the thing that the other person needs....
Cassandra Reads
Cassandra Reads rated it 6 years ago
I expected the dare/bet to come back and bite Ryan on the ass. Beth does find out about the bet/dare but she wasn't as pissed off as I expected her be. Beth has issues, everyone does really, low self esteem and lack of trust are the two big ones. I understand both, but her relationship with Ryan wou...
Howdy YAL!
Howdy YAL! rated it 6 years ago
Katie McGarry should get a job writing movies for Lifetime. She has the perfect overdramatic and cheesy Lifetime movie act down to a T. And usually, I would complain about this. But in this particular scenario, it completely works. The melodrama, somewhat 1D characters, and cheesiness mak...
sunsetxcocktail rated it 6 years ago
A most enjoyable romance following on from Pushing The Limits. This book follows Beth from the first book. I adored Beth in this book. She was okay in the first book, kind of bitchy and stand offish and still the same way in the second book, but this is her story so it allows the reader to learn mor...
Blogging Between the Lines
Blogging Between the Lines rated it 6 years ago
Loved this book for the contrast between Ryan and Beth, her so very real its scary life, and Ryan's never-give-up attitude when itcomes to Beth.
Six Strings & Paperbacks
Six Strings & Paperbacks rated it 6 years ago
Finally a book to help with my reading slump. Bring on the books April.
Elliebit's Cozy Corner
Elliebit's Cozy Corner rated it 6 years ago
4.5 So that was fabulous!!It wasn't expertly woven like a Dessen novel, it didn't have sophisticated/whimsical language, and the anguish and pain certainly mean it was not light-hearted. But it was original and it was ok solid. And I liked the MCs! Which is definitely important. I was rooting for Ry...
Devin Reads!
Devin Reads! rated it 7 years ago
I really enjoyed this book. I didn't think it was as good as Pushing The Limits, but it was still pretty amazing. I think that Beth and Ryan are absolutely perfect for one another.
Head In The Clouds
Head In The Clouds rated it 7 years ago
It took me FOREVER to read this book!! Life kept interrupting me! But once I was able to sit down and get into the story I could not put the book down. So many feels! The story is told from the POVs of Beth and Ryan but it was very well done and I had absolutely no problem connecting with both o...
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