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Sci-Fi & Scary
Sci-Fi & Scary rated it 10 months ago
Sleeper(s) has a sweet blurb, a great opening, much with the creepy-assed ‘here be monsters’ feeling town, and a solid threat against life on Earth.  It moved fast, it ratcheted up the threat level, and demanded your attention for all 184 pages. It’s also nicely copy-edited and proofread, and has a ...
SnoopyDoo's Book Reviews
SnoopyDoo's Book Reviews rated it 4 years ago
Synopsis: A bastard hybrid of War of the Worlds and Night of the Living Dead, Autumn chronicles the struggle of a small group of survivors forced to contend with a world torn apart by a deadly disease. After 99% of the population of the planet is killed in less than 24 hours, for the very few who ...
Fallen Over Book Reviews
Fallen Over Book Reviews rated it 4 years ago
When I entered into this giveaway to read this book I was in love with not only the title but the cover as well it just CALLED to me. Now it took me a while before I could read it as we all know my book list is long! Now when I started the book we are given an introduction by Christopher Golden on ...
Zoë Markham
Zoë Markham rated it 5 years ago
David Moody is not only a hero of British Horror to me, but also a self-publishing role model. I absolutely love Hater and this is the second time I've read it as I now finally have the next two in the series to hand. I'll be cracking into Dog Blood as soon as I've hit 'publish' on this one. There...
The Book Frog
The Book Frog rated it 5 years ago
Hater was self-published online in 2006 by author David Moody. It became, we are told in the dust jacket copy, an internet phenomenon and Moody--who apparently is a great self-promoter--sold the movie rights, sans agent, to Guillermo del Toro. I'm here to tell you, folks, that just because somethi...
Bloody Shambles
Bloody Shambles rated it 6 years ago
It's got Clive Barker's "The Body Politic" -my favourite story from many years ago, which I didn't own a copy of until now. Plus there's James Herbert & David Moody. And it was on sale.How could I NOT buy it?
Randolph "Dilda" Carter
Randolph "Dilda" Carter rated it 6 years ago
I had high hopes for this book, but there were a number of serious things wrong with it. The first 163 pages are encumbered by so-called "classic" body horror. Everyone who buys and reads this book has already read "The Fly," "Who Goes There?", "The Tell-Tale Heart" (body horror?), "Herbert West,"...
Fangs for the Fantasy
Fangs for the Fantasy rated it 6 years ago
Aftermath is the last installment of the Autumn series. Once again, we travel back in time to see how many of survivors coped through yet another life threatening rough patch. This time, some of the survivors are in a castle, because it provides good protection from the dead because of the steep ap...
sj rated it 6 years ago
Originally posted here: Let's pop some Bauhaus on the turntable and cut ourselves, yeah?I have been...well, I wouldn't say A FAN, but I've thought David Moody's Autumn series was pretty good for zombie fiction since I read the first book a few years ago.  My main problem with Autumn was that I got ...
The Aussie Zombie
The Aussie Zombie rated it 6 years ago
Hater has been on my TBR list for a long time, and as a fan of David Moody's Autumn series, I was looking forward to getting into this one and reading something a little different, and despite my assumptions, is not a zombie novel.Essentially Hater is the story of one average guy, Danny, who has a j...
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