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Daybreak - Community Reviews back

by Keira Andrews
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...Bookfanatic rated it 6 years ago
'Eight Nights' was the beginning of Lucas and Nate's story and I really enjoyed it. So much that upon discovering it's existence I immediately bought 'Daybreak' the follow-up story to 'Eight Nights'. Sadly while 'Eight Nights' got a happy 3.5 stars from me, 'Daybreak' is going on the 'read' shelf wi...
jules0623 rated it 9 years ago
It felt a little contrived and cliched, particularly at the end but it's a solid three stars. I do wish Nate had taken responsibility for his role in the whole mess by keeping them both firmly shut away in the closet, though.
Ami's Hoard
Ami's Hoard rated it 9 years ago
3.5 starsThis sequel to Eight Nights, for me, suffers from the amount of sex scenes. I keep lowering the level of my liking it every time Lucas and Nate smexxing. In fact, they seem to have sex everytime they finish talking. It has never been (and will NEVER be) the kind of story I enjoy. So don't a...
Jenn rated it 10 years ago
Too much pointless sex, and stupid character actions. I never bought Lucas being in love. He seemed like someone starved for a family, terrified of being alone, and having the desire for sluttiness. Boring and annoying.
Stumbling Over Chaos
Stumbling Over Chaos rated it 11 years ago
Very good holiday m/m romance about the college student and the dorm mate's brother, starting seven or eight months after the first book. A lot more angst in this one - I even got a little sniffly.
Nichole - Dirty H if you're nasty
Nichole - Dirty H if you're nasty rated it 12 years ago
4.5 starsThis was an excellent follow up to the short novella Eight Nights by Keira Andrews. If Eight Nights was the idyllic beginning of Lucas and Nate's romance, then Daybreak is just as the title suggests - the relationship waking up in the harsh light of day and the boys given a hefty dose of re...
Rain on Roof
Rain on Roof rated it 14 years ago
Lucas and Nate enjoyed eight nights of forbidden romance at Hanukkah. Now they’re living together and reveling in the freedom. When painful betrayal shatters their happiness, can their relationship last in the light of day?From Loose Id.I really enjoyed reading Keria Andrews book, Love Match, which ...
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