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Dearly, Departed - Community Reviews back

by Lia Habel
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Tannat rated it 2 years ago
Series: Gone with the Respiration #1 I wasn’t expecting much from this book, and although there were a few interesting bits, it mostly didn’t deliver much of anything other than a fine squick factor. I think I didn’t remember what the description actually said when I decided to read it. I consider...
Ceridwen rated it 5 years ago
Cross-posted on Soapboxing "She would of been a good woman," The Misfit said, "if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life." Now, I admit my upbringing was in some ways unorthodox (and in other ways completely not), but this was a favorite aphorism of my mother's. It c...
Lobo rated it 5 years ago
So Many Books, So Little Time
So Many Books, So Little Time rated it 5 years ago
Closer to 3.5. As many other reviewers have stated, there are WAY too many POVs. I also thought the ending was confusing. But the worldbuilding (including why these people in the future have adopted Victorian ways of life, which no one in steampunk novels seems to think about) and interesting concep...
Rainy Day Reader
Rainy Day Reader rated it 5 years ago
My kids will say that I speak zombie blasphemy but it must be said: I liked Dearly, Departed more than my favorite tv show The Walking Dead! There, I said it, whew. I loved this book. What's not to love really? There's zombies, steampunk, victorian, it's futuristic, romantic ect, ect. I swear I high...
Fiction Freak
Fiction Freak rated it 5 years ago
Liked the romance (actually, LOVED it!) and the characters are the best! The worldbuilding is pretty epic too, but it was a bit slow and confusing. I ended up skimming a few pages. Sigh.
AbibliophobicTendencies♥ rated it 6 years ago
Dearly Departed.hmmm. I couldnt even finish this book. I read 3 chapters and just couldnt go any further. 1. This book is WAY out of my norm. I dont like scifi. I dont even watch Scifi movies. But I had liked twilight so I figured maybe I would try another scifi and this one was recommended.2. I don...
PamGodwin rated it 6 years ago
A punky one of a kind cocktail of zombies, steampunk, and Victorian propriety. The story itself bounces in a state of chaos between the living and undead, teen drama and grownup gunfights, historical and futuristic, and utopia and dystopia. You'll love the good zombies with their metal plated faces,...
vnorthw rated it 6 years ago
I had one huge issue with the book. The book is written in first person AND there are shifting narrators (5 of them, if I recall correctly) throughout the book. Shifting narrators don't bother me when they are in the third person, but the first person writing made it a bit jarring to switch from cha...
Bookish Somethings
Bookish Somethings rated it 6 years ago
So, second zombie book ever. Loved it.I thought the story was great. I liked the multiple POV's, I love that in a book. I liked seeing how Bram felt or thought, not just Nora. The take on Zombie's was awesome, I liked the science behind it. I also loved that they weren't all evil. The romance betwee...
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