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Destined - Community Reviews back

by P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast
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So many books, such little time.
So many books, such little time. rated it 3 years ago
'"Tonight, 'seen with True Sight,'" Aphrodite quoted quietly. "Darkness does not always equate to evil. Light does not always bring good.'""I told you we should have brought Kramisha," Stevie Rae whispered."I think we should have brought a damn tank," Stark said.' So we left off with Zoey's mum be...
Fangs for the Fantasy
Fangs for the Fantasy rated it 3 years ago
Life at school becomes more tense and Zoey and her friends insist on parading a murderer around the grieving loved one of his victims and Nyx insists on not intervening with the super evil Neferet still in control With ties of family and honour, Dragon and Kalona face hard choices: while the new b...
KB Loves Books
KB Loves Books rated it 5 years ago
this series was bad to start with. this book pushed it to beyond bad. why? can anyone stay dead in this series?
Stranger Than Fiction
Stranger Than Fiction rated it 5 years ago
Moving along the typical with any House of Night novel, Destined has three or four plot arcs that accompany it's very stretched thin overall plot. One is the continuing saga of Raphaim and Aurox being the new kids at school. This however, is one of the more minor plots. Destined focuses more on a fi...
Reading with AngelaRenea
Reading with AngelaRenea rated it 6 years ago
The ending of this book is what saved it. I think that I've reached the point in this series that I just want it to be over now. I'm sick of the 'bull poopie'. I was never a kid who swore, but I think if I had read these books, I would have been just so that I never sounded like Zoey. I was frustrat...
Howdy YAL!
Howdy YAL! rated it 6 years ago
To the full review visit my new blog here.Well, I have the last two books (well, books that are out) in the House of Night series in my library box this week. Since I want to finish this project I decided I better start reading them. And honestly, I didn't quite know what to make of this one.I kno...
kyleInMotion rated it 6 years ago
How many books is this damn series going to have? Who decided to let this women publish a book in the first place? I remember I read the first four in a week, just for the food porn. This series had a lot of food porn- that much I remember. There was a lot of talk about brown pop, and it made me buy...
philoSophie rated it 6 years ago
i liked some parts of it but in the end i think i've had it with these series, i have no attachment to the main characters, the plot seems boring and at times i couldn't bring myself to finish the book. i simply don't care any more about this universe.
Life of a bookworm
Life of a bookworm rated it 6 years ago
3.5 starsI have just one word to say for this book. 90% of the book is spent on story-building. On the last part we get to see some action and things are finally going the way they should have a long long time ago.I'm real excited for the next book!
Little Miss Bookmark
Little Miss Bookmark rated it 7 years ago
This has to be my absolute favorite of all books in the House of Night series ... soo good! But I rushed through it and now I have to wait for the next one. Boo!
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