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Sarah's Library
Sarah's Library rated it 6 years ago
23/1 - I recently finished another Charmed book and was quite disappointed with the way the author (Scott Ciencin) wrote the majority of the characters - they didn't sound like themselves at all and it was really off-putting. The Warren Witches is the complete opposite of that. Each individual aut...
Midu Reads
Midu Reads rated it 7 years ago
Halloween Rain (2 stars):Jeepers Creepers meets a zombie flick. When Halloween arrives, the dead rise. Adding to the fearsome mixture is a scarecrow possessed by the evil spirit of Samhain. Liked the humor as always but the slang used by Buffy and her friends is just weird in places. I also liked ho...
Books For YA!
Books For YA! rated it 7 years ago
Warning: This book can cause mild to severe nostalgia. The severity of it depends how well you can still remember your high school days.This is a story two best friends and their journey towards high school life i.e, first day jitters, boy problems, new school, new environment, new friends and new e...
oliviarice rated it 8 years ago
Quite poor one, I don't recommend it. Very childish, not very witty, undemanding plot and characters.
EeeJay rated it 9 years ago
I won this copy through Goodreads first readsI do have to admit that this book looks to be parallel to the season 1 of the series: Funny in a self-deprecating way (which I actually like...) but the time lags and skips get to be a tad confusing.The stories could be a little better structured which be...
the little bookish
the little bookish rated it 9 years ago
Read this book if you're one of the Charmed's lover. This book contains series of stories regarding the ancestors and descendants of Warren witches. Two thumbs up!
mashahsam rated it 9 years ago
mashahsam rated it 9 years ago
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