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Dweller - Community Reviews back

by Jeff Strand
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Soze Says
Soze Says rated it 3 years ago
Credit where credit is due, Dweller does not tread the well worn path most seasoned horror fans will be assuming after 30 pages. Instead, it becomes a life-long story of an unlikely friendship, with a large side-serve of mental health issues. And it's kind of like watching a train wreck in slow moti...
Bark at the Ghouls
Bark at the Ghouls rated it 4 years ago
GR Cleanup Read January 2011 Toby is a young, friendless, socially awkward boy relentlessly picked on by two school bullies. His only friend is a monster he meets in the woods and names Owen. Dweller follows Toby as he meanders his way through life trying to maintain a sort of “normal” life and ma...
Char's Horror Corner
Char's Horror Corner rated it 5 years ago
I originally read this in February of 2012 and just realized that my review never imported over. Jeff Strand does an amazing job with this book! Young Toby encounters a monster in the woods, but when he tells his family no one will believe him. So begins a lifelong relationship between Toby an...
LittleBookCove rated it 5 years ago
This got picked out for the monthly Horror Aficionados Group reads and I have to say I was delighted with it! Jeff strand does an Fantastic Job with this book. While I was reading it I really felt like I was reading it from Tobys perspective like he was sitting there and telling me his tale I e...
Gregor Xane
Gregor Xane rated it 6 years ago
Jeff Strand lived in Ohio for a number of years and yet it's apparent that he didn't research* the Ohio Sasquatch before writing this book. Unlike the creature portrayed in Dweller, the line of Sasquatch native to Ohio does not have a mouth full of gnarly teeth and flesh-ripping talons. And the Ohio...
runner rated it 7 years ago
I've never read anything quite like this before, in fact I am stunned by what I see as one of the most amazing horror...come fantasy...come friendship..come relationship stories I have ever read. Toby Floren is bullied at school and his whole world changes when he meets a monster in the woods near ...
Shiftyj1 rated it 7 years ago
Jeff Strand is a great storyteller. His books move quickly and are easy to read. Strand always manages to keep you involved in the storyline and gets you to develop emotional ties with the lead characters. Dweller was no exception. The story reminded me of a classic monster movie, but possibly a bit...
Chris' Eclectic Book Reviews
Chris' Eclectic Book Reviews rated it 7 years ago
I have read quite a few of Jeff Strand's lighter horror novels. Make no mistake, those books are dark and twisted, but there is a humorous tone that really sets them apart. I wasn't sure what one of his serious horror novels was going to be like. It didn't take long to realize why this was nomina...
MizNikki rated it 7 years ago
A thoroughly fleshed out read of the life and goings-on of Toby, a child, who found Owen, the creature, whose family was killed in the forest. I love the way the author alienated Toby with the bullying and the fear of his father. Toby's ruminations of killing aliens and the child-like thoughts even ...
LaytonReads rated it 7 years ago
This has to be one of my favorite books. Jeff Strand is able to embody so much in these characters. A lot of reviewers said that this book is very emotional and that you start to like the monster. And now I understand them. This story,in parts, reminded me of a crazy version of Where the Wild Things...
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