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Eighth Grade Bites #1: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Graphic Novel - Community Reviews back

by Julia Laud, Heather Brewer, Tony Lee
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TeaStitchRead rated it 1 year ago
I went with the graphic novel adaptation of the novel by Brewer. It was fine story but predictable - I sensed each and every "twist" and just shrugged my shoulders when I was proven right. I enjoyed the adopted aunt character the most. Vlad was a typical 13 year old boy. The artwork was great but th...
Karin's Book Nook
Karin's Book Nook rated it 7 years ago
The beginning was awkward. The middle was good. But, the ending was rushed. Plus. There is a really weird panel toward the end that I can't figure out what is happening. It could have been left out and I would have been happy. All in all, this graphic novel adaptation of EIGHTH GRADE BITES was just ...
Folding Paper & Spilling Ink
Folding Paper & Spilling Ink rated it 7 years ago
I'm a big fan of Brewer's Tod books, but this adaptation fell somewhat flat for me. The art was good, but the story didn't translate well to the graphic format. At least, it didn't flow well for me. Your milage may vary.
Thief of Camorr
Thief of Camorr rated it 9 years ago
Got it for free at WorldCon. Uhm. I think I'll pass it on to someone - anyone - at work who has a 12yo son. It could just be because I'm too old, and I'm a bit sick of the vampire scene, but I don't think this is even well written for the age group it's aimed at, which is a pity.
The Reading Perusals of Rose Summers
The Reading Perusals of Rose Summers rated it 10 years ago
I basically read this out of utter curiosity - picked it up and read it in less than a couple of hours. I would say that it's more on the level of younger YA (though I think certainly those who are elder could enjoy it as a light read), though it has its share of intense scenes toward the end of the...
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