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FatherCraneMadeMeDoIt rated it 3 years ago
I'm not a huge fan of fashion, per se, but I'm guilty of buying cheap clothes, because I'm pretty... well... cheap.This is a eye-opening book that tells you exactly what is wrong with cheap fashion. I really enjoyed reading it. I'll admit, the beginning was a bit boring for me, as Cline focuses most...
Remember When the Music
Remember When the Music rated it 6 years ago
Have you ever realized how clothing is restocked so much more quickly in stores these days than a decade or two in the past? Or how vintage finds produced prior to the 1980s stand up over time so much better than things purchased only a month ago? Or that finding a trendy outfit is increasingly easi...
ErikaWasTaken rated it 7 years ago
I had heard an interview with Elizabeth Cline on NPR and all I remembered was the quote that Zara was able to get items from design to store in two weeks. Two weeks! How does that work with the fashion shows and clothiers and, and, and -- oh wait, it doesn't. Welcome to fast fashion.I currently find...
popsiclesinbed rated it 7 years ago
This was an interesting read, if a little repetitive. I think this book could have delved a little deeper and still have been the same length.
Admitted Dilettante
Admitted Dilettante rated it 8 years ago
Soon the vintage/resale market will feel the trickle down effect. . . but worst of all everyone looks the same :(
Melody Murray's Books
Melody Murray's Books rated it 8 years ago
Not a lot of shocking information here, at least not if you've kept abreast of the fashion news for the last several years. There were a lot of typos and Malapropisms scattered throughout the text and I always find that very distracting. Overall, it was an interesting book but not enthralling.I have...
donnambrownuk rated it 8 years ago
If you’re going to read Overdressed, be prepared for it to leave a nasty taste in your mouth and a lump in your throat when you next open your wardrobe. This really is a pretty damning expose of the ‘fast fashion’ industry, which churns out clothes faster than we can wear them out, leading to massiv...
attempting obscurity
attempting obscurity rated it 8 years ago
This is a pretty good book for anyone interested in the following:* Labor rights* American (domestic) production and manufacturing* The history of fashionCline positions herself as a "fast fashion addict," a term I don't think is necessarily correct in describing her, as she also readily admits that...
auntieannie rated it 8 years ago
I always admire a book that compels me to action. Some actions -- purge my closets! And think more carefully (although I already due to a point) about acquiring new clothes. And look into tailoring, refashioning existing clothes that just don't work for me. I didn't make any notes below on the chapt...
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