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Elusion - Community Reviews back

by Claudia Gabel, Cheryl Klam
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Books and Other Things
Books and Other Things rated it 4 years ago
I wanted to ESCAPE® from having to read this. There was nothing tense, alluring, nor mysterious about Elusion at all. I was not left breathless. I remained unimpressed and annoyed with Regan. The writing was fairly good, but nothing in this story was able to interest me. The idea of the story sounde...
Tellulah Darling
Tellulah Darling rated it 5 years ago
A dystopia-lite, romance-lite, mystery-lite story that I had fun with. I like VR stories and Regan's quest to figure out what happened to her father and his creation kept me engaged. My biggest bump was that I didn't realize it was book one of a series. As I slid into home with this, I was looking f...
Jessica (HDB)
Jessica (HDB) rated it 5 years ago
You all know me, if a book is hugely polarized in the blogger world I have to read it. When there's so much hate spewed against it on one side, and so much love on the other side, I must figure out which side I fall on. I had absolutely no expectations one way or the other when I picked up Elusion f...
YA Anonymous
YA Anonymous rated it 5 years ago
Engaging story! Earth is unsafe because of pollutants. One man has a vision to share nature and paradise through virtual technology. But what happens when it all falls apart? What happens when there is another option? I want to go to Etherworld. Great book!
Khanh the Killjoy
Khanh the Killjoy rated it 5 years ago
Even though I have way more important things to be concerned with than a kiss, that moment is replaying itself over and over again in my thoughts. Oh, for fuck's sakes, girl. Get your head together. This was not an outrageously terrible book, but it was completely insipid. At no point in the book d...
The Twins Read's BookLikes Page
The Twins Read's BookLikes Page rated it 5 years ago
Regan's father created Elusion - a sort of virtual reality accessible through an app that transports users to a world where everything is perfect. Elusion recreates natural wonders that have been lost and gives users a sense of euphoria helping them momentarily forget about their problems. But ever ...
Christina Reads YA
Christina Reads YA rated it 5 years ago
WHAAAAAAAAT. My brain feels like it's going to explode after that mindfuck of a climax and cliffhanger. Okay, first things first. This book seems to be very polarizing in the blogging community in the way that Mind Games was and that, to me, is because they're written in similar ways. First person p...
Always in Wonderland
Always in Wonderland rated it 5 years ago
I thought Elusion was a mind-blowing start to a series. I really on 't undersand all the negative reviews I've read about it. Did it have flaws? Yes. Did they keep me from really enjoying the story. No way! What I loved about it?-the plot.It's full of mystery and full of conspiracies. I couldn't s...
Books With Bite
Books With Bite rated it 5 years ago
With the way that technology is growing today, I have not doubt that this is a very strong possibility for the future. Ever since I saw the movie Total Recall (the older version) I became fascinated. There is a part in the movie where anyone can rent out a space and play out whatever fantasy they wa...
isamlq rated it 5 years ago
There’s the lack of cohesion and that too easy way in which people come into the story. Need a random new hot guy? Here he is. Need a bloody bestie who sees the other in a different light?? Well, there’s one too. Or what of an unknown baddy off to the sides doing god knows what? Well there’s mention...
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