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End of the Innocence - Community Reviews back

by John Goode
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dawnchrystal rated it 6 years ago
5 Heart breaking stars. I cried; bawled to be honest. This book was so fantastic yet hurt so much.
Sonia Nosia ~Ruber's fiancé in Crystal Court universe~
1 BILLION stars! It was even better when rereading it!I'm just gonna leave you with John's words from his author note:"For some kids out there, what is in this book is their real life.There are kids out there right now walking around thinking about killing themselves. You may never know it, they ...
MishyJo rated it 6 years ago
That was a bit rough at times. But I liked it. A lot. Review to come.
Susan rated it 6 years ago
I honestly didn’t think I could like this one as much as the previous books, but I really did. I was afraid that this one would be overly dramatic and I am just not one for a book that makes me feel really sad.But even though I did feel sad throughout the book, it was not overwhelming. This book dea...
~~ Elsbeth ❤❤❤ MM-Romance ~~
~~ Elsbeth ❤❤❤ MM-Romance ~~ rated it 6 years ago
This story blew me away!!!A full length story of Kyle and Brad. A person can’t ask for more, can we?It has taken me some time to write this review because quite frankly the last 20% of the story I was in absolute horror!! We all know to what extent bigotry can lead to but actually reading it, was li...
JulieHasMoved rated it 6 years ago
This book continues on the emotional and heartfelt journey of Brad and Kyle. These boys are just altogether wonderful and not only beautiful on the outside but equally so on the inside. And John Goode's visual images could not be more perfect. BradKyleWhile the beauty of their love is an important...
A Gandy Girl
A Gandy Girl rated it 6 years ago
Final Q&A with Haley: Well, unfortunately our schedule did not allow us to complete this read in as timely a manner as we would have hoped. But after a review of our updates we offer the following Q&A. Similar to Tales of Foster High, I have compiled the following list of questions (this time with ...
Cronic Bookaholic
Cronic Bookaholic rated it 7 years ago
I picked up the worst possible place to finish reading this (sniffling) seeing I've used up a packet of tissue to wipe my eyes and blew my nose. Got funny look from a few people around here.It started fun, witty, then griefing, then horrific... Such a real, devastating, yet wonderful story. I can't ...
Yuki rated it 7 years ago
I loved the fourth installment. Don't get me wrong - it's a very simple story, real and raw. There was no fast pace or complicated plot. But the message is powerful. Have and need to be that strong.And read the autor's note.
Tami rated it 7 years ago
This is a great book.Brilliant writing like always.Only one small thing I didn't like when Kyle confronted the guy who "outed" Kelly and told him that it is his fault, that Kelly killed himself. I think this is wrong. Yes, he did his part in bullying Kelly, but telling someone that they alone cause...
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