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Epilogue: The Dark Duet (The Dark Duet, #2.5) - Community Reviews back

by C.J. Roberts
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This Bookish Endeavor
This Bookish Endeavor rated it 6 years ago
6++++++ stars. I just devoured this book in one sitting. I had been saving it for months because to be honest, I didn't want to contemplate the idea of Caleb and Livie's story coming to an end. But...what an ending it was."You don't need my forgiveness. Anything that's mine to give is already yours....
Amanda's Blog
Amanda's Blog rated it 6 years ago
First of all, I LOVE the first two books of The Dark Duet series and the ending I got from Seduced in the Dark was satisfying enough. Livvie reunited with Caleb at The Paseo and they shared a kiss. Fast forward few years later, Caleb then known as James Cole was reading Livvie aka Sophia's book reco...
Leftie aka Closet Romance Reader
Leftie aka Closet Romance Reader rated it 6 years ago
HOLY CANNOLI!!! Ok, I admit it took getting used to seeing a "lighter" side of the relationship as they continue with their healing and try to move forward as a couple, and make it as "normal" a relationship as they can make it. But I'm definitely glad I got a glimpse of it... I think Ms. Roberts fi...
Coffee2words rated it 6 years ago
The Epilogue takes a step directly away from where this series started. The dubious non-con, abuse and the like are no longer really part of the immediate story. They make up a shadowy background that looms over Caleb and Livvie as they move on with their lives.I don't know why, but I felt this was ...
Casperfitz rated it 6 years ago
perfect perfect perfect! Perfect ending.... Loved it.
~V~ Whirlwindbooks
~V~ Whirlwindbooks rated it 6 years ago
“I am the man who kidnapped Livvie. I am the man who held her in a dark room for weeks. I’m the one who tied her to a bedpost and beat her. I’m the one who nearly sold her into sexual slavery. But, most importantly, I am the man she loves. She loves me. It’s quite sick, isn’t it?”What a differe...
PamGodwin rated it 6 years ago
The story lacks tension and interesting events, but the title is fitting. I rocked a wiki and scraped the definition of Epilogue: a piece of writing at the end of a work of literature, usually used to bring closure to the work. It is presented from the perspective of within the story; when the autho...
Romance Reader (and Writer)
Romance Reader (and Writer) rated it 6 years ago
Hmm...I liked how Caleb "wrote" it as if talking out loud and directly to us at certain points of the story. And it was nice to see how he changed and began to fit in with society instead of being a reclusive so-and-so. I have to admit I got a bit fed up of all the sex involved in it. I think it's b...
MsNalla's Take...
MsNalla's Take... rated it 6 years ago
Solid 5.5 StarsI was blown away with the 1st 2 books. I felt nothing could top what I had been forced to experience through the eyes and tears of Livvie.This revisit, through Caleb's POV... There are no words. So please be patient with me as I struggle to articulate without giving anything away with...
Erin's Books
Erin's Books rated it 6 years ago
Review to come. I wasn't feeling this one as much as the others.
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