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Every Which Way - Community Reviews back

by Calia Read
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Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 8 years ago
I replace this title with Shitty Book in my mind. It has the most boring, plodding plot, with one of the most unlikable characters I've ever met. She hates all other women, she seems to hate a ton of men, too. She's supposed to be witty and sarcastic and badass. She just comes off as a whiny b...
Litchick's Hit List
Litchick's Hit List rated it 8 years ago
No. Fuck no. This is unreadable. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure that the Surgeon General would label it as a carcinogenic since: Where the hell do I even begin with this mess? Oh, I know, how about with the fucking thundercunt of a female lead? Let me tell you all about this hypocritical, misogy...
AmyM rated it 8 years ago
I think this review explains why I won't bother: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/578064946With quotations that bad I feel confident in my rating.
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