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Fermat's Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World's Greatest Mathematical Problem - Community Reviews back

by Simon Singh
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Brian's Book Blog
Brian's Book Blog rated it 3 years ago
I bought this book after seeing the documentary that went with it.It tells how one person (Andrew Wiles) worked to prove a theorem that had stumped mathemeticians for over 3 centuries after reading about it when he was in primary school. Singh explains the ideas behind the eventual solution in a cle...
Cave Dweller
Cave Dweller rated it 9 years ago
"My butter, garcon, is writ large in!"a diner was heard to be chargin'."I HAD to write there,"exclaimed waiter Pierre,"I couldn't find room in the margarine."Ever since I recently stumbled upon the documentary called 'The Proof' I've become extremely interested (almost obsessed) in Wiles's proof of ...
simmo rated it 12 years ago
Very Enjoyable. Even if I didn't understand the difference between an elliptical equation and modular forms!
Manny Rayner's book reviews
Manny Rayner's book reviews rated it 22 years ago
I guess the author does a reasonable job. But when I reached the end, I still didn't feel I understood at all how the proof worked. Probably that's just because it's so bloody hard. I got a lot more though out of Prime Obsession, Derbyshire's book on the Riemann Hypothesis, where the author opens up...
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