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Fire and Ash - Community Reviews back

by Jonathan Maberry
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FatherCraneMadeMeDoIt rated it 3 years ago
This is such an awesome series. It is more than a bunch of books about zombies. It is an in-depth look at humanity and all the beautiful and ugly pieces that go along with it.A great continuation of the series. A whole new adventure that incorporates zombie mutations, a possible cure for the zombie ...
Wortmagieblog rated it 4 years ago
„Fire & Ash“ ist der letzte Band der postapokalyptischen Geschichte rund um den Teenager Benny Imura. Gerüchten zufolge ist die Reihe „Rot & Ruin“ jedoch nicht abgeschlossen. Angeblich kündigte der Verlag Simon & Schuster für 2018 und 2019 jeweils einen neuen Band an. Diese beiden zusammenhängenden ...
The Wombat's Book Blog
The Wombat's Book Blog rated it 5 years ago
Really enjoyed it. Wish I could have spent more time with these characters.
The Aussie Zombie
The Aussie Zombie rated it 7 years ago
Straight after finishing the third book in the Benny Imura series, Flesh and Bone, I started reading Fire and Ash. It's quite rare that I binge read a series anymore - blogging tends to make it a bit too much of a balancing act, but once I had the momentum going, I really wanted to find out how thi...
beccabee rated it 7 years ago
Fine, the ends were wrapped up nicely. Whatever. I still hold to my opinion that this was an unnecessary addition to the series. Sometimes the ends don't need to be tied. It's okay to wonder what happened.I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't had to read this...
A Spoopy Love Affair With Books
A Spoopy Love Affair With Books rated it 8 years ago
Maberry returns to form, after what I felt was a shaky third entry into the series. Which is a good thing, since this also happens to be the last. Which also means that a lot of the development of the story happens quickly and is sort of dumped on the reader in large chunks--I sort of spaced out whe...
R-r-read rated it 8 years ago
I was so looking forward to this book. The first book in this series, "Rot and Ruin", won my heart with its unique outlook on zombies. The second book, "Dust and Decay", further developed the characters and made me grow to love them. The third book, "Flesh and Bone", was amazing with its crazy zealo...
Scavenging Book Stores and Libraries
Here it is! At last! The final book in the Rot and Ruin series! Over and goodreads I rated the rest of the series five stars -- I definitely recommend reading it. Wait, so why is this one three and half stars? Well, like I said in the previous post, maybe I was just having a bad reading week? ...
Hello Book, So Long Sleep...
Hello Book, So Long Sleep... rated it 8 years ago
In 2010 Mr.Maberry joined a YA group on GR and promoted his book Rot and Ruin. I'm so glad he did! Great ending for a series. (although he's stated on his FB that we may see the gang again in another series) *something else which is kinda neat, he has a character in the last two books that's a cr...
isamlq rated it 8 years ago
Fire and Ash. This latest installment is feeling both new and old to me. Old, because it’s basically the same thing happening… or at least a variation of the same thing they’d previously faced…hell, a continuation? Yes that’s it. It feels like there’s little growth that’s taken place. it just picks ...
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