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Forgotten - Community Reviews back

by Cat Patrick
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Today in Jen's Library
Today in Jen's Library rated it 7 years ago
You know, I wondered what was up with the reviews of this book that said "you had me for the first half, then you lost me." I get it now. They're all exactly right. We were going along just fine, the whole forgetting thing's a mystery, the boyfriend is patient and kind and hot, and then . . . der...
Paper Riot
Paper Riot rated it 7 years ago
(Full review can be found on my blog, Paper Riot. More 3.5 stars.)Do you know that book you wish had been built up more slowly. Me neither. But still that was the first thing I thought after finishing Forgotten. Don't get me wrong: I like fast-paced, action-packed books as much as the next person, b...
Emerjas rated it 7 years ago
I found the idea of only being able to remember your future to be very interesting, and, while I enjoyed the book, I can't say I loved it. The problem with having your memory reset everyday is that you can't really grow as a person, and this is reflected in the story. London could not really develop...
The British Book Nerd
The British Book Nerd rated it 7 years ago
I’d been really excited about starting this novel for quite a while now, and I was not disappointed. Forgotten is a short novel, coming in at just under 300 pages. However, don’t judge it by the length, the story is heart-wrenching and moving, you won’t want to put it down! London Lane is pretty muc...
grapeapril75 rated it 7 years ago
Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook ReviewsReally great book! Loved the concept! Love Luke!! Lovin the non-angsty teen reads!London is a really interesting character. Her loss of memory is strange. It is great to see how she goes through life using her notebook to trick people into not ...
Belle's Bookshelf
Belle's Bookshelf rated it 7 years ago
2.5 stars. I've been wanting to read Forgotten for awhile. The idea of a girl whose memory reset every night so that she had no recollection of the past, yet could see the future, sounded kinda like 50 First Dates awesome. If I had've read it a year ago I might have really liked it. A year ago, I wa...
Chapter by Chapter
Chapter by Chapter rated it 8 years ago
How would I describe Forgotten…something like a mishmash of the movies 50 First Dates and a totally backwards Momento. Yah, that sounds about right.Forgotten is about a young girl named London Lane who, at the stroke of 4:33 am, forgets everything that has happened in the past. She can only rememb...
Senator Recommends
Senator Recommends rated it 8 years ago
It all went wrong so fast! What should be a great premise for a story, did not turn out the way I had expected it, which might be why I'm only giving it 1 star. What I can say with assurance is, "Forgotten" leaves a LOT of questions waiting to be answered.
No Bent Spines
No Bent Spines rated it 8 years ago
Very, very, very well written. Well composed. Well executed. Perfect. And, I must say, I fell in love :)Makes me think maybe-when you forget- maybe you get the chance to remember so much more....
Exploring by Starlight
Exploring by Starlight rated it 8 years ago
I picked up Forgotten at my local library without really knowing what it was about; I was attracted by the pretty cover, like a lot of people are. To me, the blurb is both ambiguous and obvious at the same time, which really intrigued me.Forgotten has a story that, to me, is quite unique. London, ou...
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