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The Borders of Life - Gael A. Kathryns, Gael Baudino
The Borders of Life
by Gael Baudino (author), Gael A. Kathryns (author)
publisher: Roc publish date: July 1st 1999
format: paperback pages: 352
language: English
ISBN: 0451455746 (9780451455741)
Branch and Crown - Gael Baudino
Branch and Crown
by Gael Baudino (author)
publisher: Roc publish date: August 1st 1996
format: paperback pages: 336
language: English
ISBN: 0451455533 (9780451455536)
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 12 - Arthur W. Saha, Peter Dickinson, A.A. Attanasio, Nicholas Yermakov, Lisa Goldstein, Gael Baudino, Robert R. McCammon, George Alec Effinger, Bruce Sterling, Harlan Ellison, Jane Yolen, Chris Naylor
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 12
by Peter Dickinson (author), Jane Yolen (author), Robert R. McCammon (author), George Alec Effinger (author), Lisa Goldstein (author), A.A. Attanasio (author), Nicholas Yermakov (author), Gael Baudino (author), Arthur W. Saha (author), Chris Naylor (author), Harlan Ellison (author), Bruce Sterling (author)
publisher: DAW Book publish date: November 1st 1986
format: mass market paperback pages: 226
language: English
ISBN: 0886771633 (9780886771638)
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