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by Eric Arvin
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Elaine White's Life in Books
Elaine White's Life in Books rated it 4 years ago
Review will be word-for-word as included in the Eric Arvin Greatest Hits review.~This is a story about Logan, a writer who, by way of meeting his new editor Brock, comes to an epiphany about life and himself: that he can do better, that he's become stuck in a rut and that he's never really known him...
Debra E's Never-Ending TBR
Debra E's Never-Ending TBR rated it 6 years ago
This was my first read of an Eric Arvin book, although I've had a few sitting on my Kindle. I enjoyed the writing style and quirky characters. This was a different read than the typical romance. More fiction with a romance storyline included. It is basically the story of Logan, a moderately succ...
Lorix rated it 6 years ago
Another brilliant book by Eric Arvin that I thoroughly enjoyed.Logan Brandish is a writer who lives in a safe world of order and routine. Safe is the kind word for it, it's actually damn boring, but until he meets his new editor Brock Kimble Logan doesn't realise this. Brock ignites passion in Logan...
Snowie rated it 7 years ago
I have to say I read some of the reviews below and I'm sorry I did. I have to wonder if these people even read the same book I did. Not a romance? What? It was the best romance I've read in a long time. Open relationships and cheating? Huh? None of that either. What there was is loads of character d...
Anke1028 rated it 7 years ago
Finally done with it. Can't say it better than Arthur, Deeze and Candice. I'm totally with you all on this one.
instalove rated it 8 years ago
Quick blurb: Cranky reclusive writer gets the hots for his new editor and goes on Roman Holiday.Quick review: Great premise, entertaining first half, cracked second half.Grade: C-NOTE: I read a digital ARC obtained via NetGalleyI was hooked by the title, cover and blurb, and had it on my wish list f...
rameau's ramblings
rameau's ramblings rated it 8 years ago
Everybody has read those books–usually they come with horrendous cover art–that start with an apparent self-ironic scene that tries to justify using a cliché. It's some trope that has been beaten, hit, struck, battered, hammered, trashed, pummelled, and flattened to the ground ages ago. And for a wh...
Lenore rated it 8 years ago
**This review contains major spoilers.**By way of a prologue, I would like to say that this is my first book by Eric Arvin and I truly find the man has potential for greatness. He can be funny and witty and emotional; and he can write. Which is not a given for many published authors. So I will keep ...
Les Aventures De Léna Léna
Les Aventures De Léna Léna rated it 8 years ago
I must be in a pissy mood, because while this book was reasonably entertaining while reading it, it is hitting some fairly significant WTF? buttons the more I think about it. Parts of this book are meant to be funny and parts are meant to be insightful. I am not saying they aren't. I am saying many ...
Simsala`s Abracadabra
Simsala`s Abracadabra rated it 8 years ago
3 - 3,5 starsLough-out-loud funny in the first part of the book with hilarious dialogue,banter,quotes and quirky characters got increasingly tiring in the second part.Here the humor felt forced and repetitive (there`s a reason why slapstick-movies/stories are - or should be - short...) and couldn`t ...
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