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Gator Bait - Community Reviews back

by Adam Howe
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Soze Says
Soze Says rated it 2 years ago
Hardboiled noir fiction done superbly, Gator Bait had everything I want in a story of this ilk. A quick-witted if somewhat gullible protagonist, a bad guy oozing menace, and a super hot femme fatale who is the cut of ham between their slices of less than wholegrain bread. And then of course, there's...
LittleBookCove rated it 3 years ago
"Adam Howe's Gator Bait is a steamy, disquieting piece of bayou noir that you can't help but eat all in one sitting. It won't settle your stomach, but it will stay with you long after you've digested it. Right off the bat with a massive bite this book is Swamp Noir set in the 1930s I could feel ...
Yodamom Finds her Force
Yodamom Finds her Force rated it 3 years ago
Ugly Characters, really ugly people, deep down UGLY, top them with a terror filled racist swap tale and you have this short novel. Gore, murder, gore, blood, more murder, abuse and one big hungry alligator are the basic actions. The thing was as much as I disliked all the characters and even the sto...
Char's Horror Corner
Char's Horror Corner rated it 3 years ago
Swamp Noir. Yes, it's a thing now and I'm on board. With all the attributes featured in a Noir story, but set in a Louisiana swamp bar, (The Grinnin' Gator),in the 30's. Prohibition is in effect and rotgut is being served while the women dance. Their clientele does not consist of doctors and lawye...
sherrysniderfundin rated it 3 years ago
Today, in celebration of the Halloween season, I have a real live monster to share with you. I must warn you, it is very dangerous in the swamps of Louisiana. The monsters are both animal and human, so tread lightly. Add me to Goodreads now. Cover: Inkubus MY REVIEW Gator Bait by Adam Ho...
From Dark Places
From Dark Places rated it 3 years ago
'A fly buzzed around his open, largely toothless mouth; drool dangled from his bottom lip like a limp lasso.' A typical customer at The Grinnin’ Gator. Gator Bait is a novella by Adam Howe set in the Louisiana swamp and The Grinnin’ Gator, a saw dust on the floor type bar with dirty booze, strip...
Shiftyj1 rated it 3 years ago
An eight fingered piano player, sworn off dames and on the lamb, ends up in a broken down swamp tonk only to find himself knee deep in moonshine, deceit, adultery and murder. Damn. What more could you possibly want? How about a humongous monster alligator named Big George with a taste for human fles...
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