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Gentlemen of the Road: A Tale of Adventure - Community Reviews back

by Michael Chabon, Gary Gianni
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Warwick rated it 7 years ago
I thought this was great fun. The writing has been criticised as rather over-wrought – well, it is certainly a little baroque but Chabon's tongue is firmly in his cheek, and there is a wittiness to his descriptions which makes me very willing to go along for the ride. Besides, the sentences may be...
altheaann rated it 8 years ago
If Robert E. Howard had been writing his historical adventure fiction at the beginning of the 21st century instead of toward the beginning of the 20th, this book might very well have come from his pen. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who enjoyed the Howard collection "Sword Woman."Still, while I...
JasonKoivu rated it 9 years ago
The marriage of a tale of legend to a story of adventure ends in a literary divorce.Chabon attempted to invoke a mini-mythology around his simple story about bandits. Unfortunately the technique distanced the reader from the action. Maybe that was his intention. I'm guessing it wasn't, having heard ...
What I'm reading
What I'm reading rated it 9 years ago
Written in the spirit of the old adventures novels with twists and turns in every chapters. I enjoyed it a lot. It's part of the charm of the story that there is some over the top elements and twists. I liked the atmosphere, the characters, especially Zelikman. It's a fantasy romp in a fantasy centr...
Telynor's Library, and then some
Telynor's Library, and then some rated it 9 years ago
A rollicking tale of fantastical adventure set in about the early middle ages, about two adventurers raising hell on the silk road, along with a mission doomed to failure. Lots of nice illustrations too, and based somewhat in fact. For the complete review, please go here:http://www.epinions.com/revi...
cjc rated it 9 years ago
It's clear that Chabon wrote this for fun, and had fun writing it, but when I realized around page 80 that there just wasn't a point to it at all, and that I didn't care about the characters, I gave up. Maybe I was in the wrong mood.
Bettie's Books
Bettie's Books rated it 11 years ago
butiken mp3 This is my first Chabon and it's Excitement with a capital E; a ripping yarn, a rollicking story with elephants and a spoilt brat. This is how an adventure book should read and could have been longer as I was certainly up for more of the same.
Osho rated it 11 years ago
First published serially in The New York Times, this short, picaresque novel follows an unlikely pair of Jewish mercenaries as they become embroiled in the power struggles of the Khazar. Readers from Christian backgrounds may not appreciate how refreshing it is to read a story in which all the main ...
immediacy rated it 11 years ago
This "serial" novel (it was originally published in installments) by Michael Chabon is a great adventure tale (it says so right there in the subtitle), but is a bit light for Chabon, whom has taken some light themes before and worked them into something much much more (the best being The Amazing Adv...
spocksbro rated it 12 years ago
I'm not a fan of Chabon; instead I'm a fan of the medieval nation of Khazaria. It was an enjoyable and quick read, and (better yet) it prompted me to reread Fritz Leiber's Fahfrd/Grey Mouser series.
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