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The Merkaba Mystery - Iva Kenaz
The Merkaba Mystery
Iva Kenaz
language: English
format: ebook
categories: Mystery, Romance, Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Religion & Spiritual, Magic realism, Dark Fantasy
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In the year 1896, a young woman finds herself standing in the river, not remembering where she came from or who she is. The only link to her past is a bag containing a few symbolic objects, including the Tarot cards.
Followed by a cloaked figure, she ends up in Prague’s Jewish Town, which she recognises as an alternate version of her home. With the help of her newly found friends and occasional flashbacks, she begins to unravel her past connection to esotery, magic and places that initially seem unreal.
One day, she meets a young man whom she recognises as her best friend. Through their mutual memories, she discovers that her origins are stranger than she thought, and that one of the first words she recalled, Merkaba, is the true key to her past and future.

The novel is inspired by Prague’s legends and history, and explores the secrets of the Tarot, Tree of Life, and Merkaba. Each chapter is symbolically and archetypically aligned with one of the Major Arcana trumps.
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