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The Rocker and the Bird Girl - Rod Raglin
The Rocker and the Bird Girl
Rod Raglin
language: English
format: ebook
categories: YA, Romance, Contemporary, Fiction
If someone called Mattie a bird brain she'd take it as a compliment. She loves birds, has spent her entire twenty years surrounded by them and believes they are more intelligent, loving and loyal than, well, most anything else in this world.

Mattie's grandfather spent all his retirement, time and funds, establishing a sanctuary for homeless, imported, exotic birds.

Now granddad was gone and so was the money to support the sanctuary. In her desperate search for funding to keep the refuge open Mattie had read that lead guitarist and lyricist Bodine, of the notorious rock band, Seditious, owned a Macaw as a pet.

The guy was obviously fabulously wealthy. Maybe he'd like to spend some of that money saving these beautiful, precious creatures instead of on drugs and expensive toys?

He wasn't answering her emails so she guessed she'd have to try to get his attention at the Seditious concert that was coming to town. She'd never been to a rock concert and wasn't looking forward to it, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll have taken their toll on Bodine, lead guitarist and songwriter for Seditious, the chart topping, outrageous rock band. He's just playing the part until something better comes along. The problem is what's better than being a rich and famous rock idol? Certainly not helping some over zealous young woman save exotic birds, even if his best friend is a Blue and Gold Macaw.

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Rod Raglin
Fun, fresh, easy to read, and short - The Rocker and the Bird Girl is the perfect summer read. Like exotic birds, rock music, romance? Interested in the impact the exotic pet trade is having on endangered species and what you can do it about it? This just release novella is the first in the Mattie Saunders Series about about a an independent young woman with a social conscience and a bad attitude, who loves animals, but not so much people.

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