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The Pathway to Honor - Emmanuel O. Afolabi
The Pathway to Honor
Emmanuel O. Afolabi
isbn: 9781684111886
language: English
format: audiobook
categories: Religion & Spiritual
On several occasions, I have been opportune to work closely with the author and have found out the he is a fine Christian, hardworking, a man of great honor and no wonder he is writing about the virtue honor. He is very articulate and very good when it comes to the work of God. Honor is not giving but it is acquired through hard work and humility. The writer of this book tries to admonish his readers to always seek the honor from God rather than man. This is the biblical standard and it the one that a good Christian should seek after. Honor from men does not always last and it is always bedeviled with strings. It is only God that gives blessing without attaching strings to it. Men will always expect something in return for any good done. The writer also tries to enumerate the ways to acquire godly honor and the possible pitfalls one should avoid in the quest for godly honor. Honor is a virtue everybody should seek after because godly honor brings respect and makes way for anyone that rightly has it. I have no doubt that when you read through this book it will impart your life positively and makes you a man of honor indeed. I therefore recommend to you this book, The Pathway to Honor, as a book you must read. ~ Pastor Percy 0. Adekanle, Resident Pastor of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria; Jakande Zonal Headquarters Church
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