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A Dubious Crime - Gerald J Kubicki
A Dubious Crime
Gerald J Kubicki
isbn: 9781499766462
language: English
format: ebook
categories: Action & Adventure
The morning starts out like a routine day for Colton Banyon. Except, the insanely jealous, Loni wants to come to the office and scope out the women that Banyon works with at Dewey & Beatem in Chicago. The entire Patel clan has gone to India to visit with relatives. Previne stays behind, at Banyon's request to inspect an archeological dig site in Las Vegas,. Then the unthinkable happens. There is an explosion at the dig site and Previne is left clinging to life. Her doctors say that she will never recover and they will turn off her life support equipment in three days. Banyon soon discovers that the explosion is no accident and is part of a heinous plot by someone who is just drumming up business. The bomb was purposely planted to sensationalize the atrocities committed by the Japanese, during World War II at a secret facility called Unit 731. When Banyon attempts to notify the Patel clan of Previne's peril, he finds that they are on a remote mountainside in the Himalayas and in serious jeopardy themselves. They must defend their long lost Aunt from a murderous lawyer. They may not get back to Las Vegas in time to say goodbye to their sister. In fact, they may not even survive. He resolves to save Previne and put a stop to the monstrous plot at the same time. Wolf, of course, agrees to help. He enlists help from people at Dewey & Beatem and along with Loni begins to unravel the plot. The plan to save Previne includes stealing something from Area 51, bringing down a major mobster in Mumbai, India and his worldwide organization. It also involves stopping additional bomb threats, dealing with the San Francisco branch of the Tong, and uncovering additional documents concerning Unit 731 from a gravesite in Japan. All must be done in less than three days, or Previne will die.
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