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Accepting the Unexpected - Mollie Jo Joseph
Accepting the Unexpected
Mollie Jo Joseph
language: English
format: ebook
categories: Romance, Chick lit
Whoever said love hurts... was not lying! When Leila Pierce, a creative director for a magazine named "Sleek" got brutally ditched by the man she thought she was going to end up with, that was just the start of her life being turned upside down. After the heartbreaking betrayal, she then found herself in a dark emotional tunnel, veering towards depression.
She finds herself packing her bags and leaving Cornwall, England and heading to New York to help Sleek international magazine make it big in the US. Leila is great at her job, and this means she can quell any anxiety over this amazing opportunity, and when she somehow gets introduced to Blake Collins, an actor and model, things start to look up. 
To add more drama to the mix, she also meets the mysterious Richard Speal, a retired NFL player with a drinking problem and some pretty big emotional baggage of his own. She finds herself inexplicably drawn to Richard—could they be kindred spirits?
How could she possibly fall for another man when she's still broken from the last one? And the bigger question is: which man? 
The one that is too good to be true?
 The mysterious one?
 The one she thought she was supposed to be with in the first place?
Too many questions and not enough answers. She needs to work all this out and impress her boss, Miranda Cain, editor and chief at Sleek NY by making the magazine a success. That's a lot for anyone to deal with right?
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Here's more information about Mollie and her book:
Accepting the Unexpected is a book by Mollie Jo Joseph which revolves around a few relationships, out of which the relationship of the protagonist with herself is worth looking out for. She embarks on a journey of love, self discovery and self acceptance.
Balancing her professional and personal life, the protagonist finds her center.

Through this sweet, simple and romantic tale, the author has portrayed everyday woman’s dilemmas through the character of Leila Pierce; and how she struggles in choosing a suitable partner for herself while coming to terms with her past relationship.

The book is based in New York and England, giving the readers a glimpse inside both American and British culture.

The book also deals with the sensitive subject of depression and how getting help is a sign of bravery and not weakness.

A first time novelist, Mollie Joseph’s writing is mature and captivating, compelling the readers to turn pages.
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