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Gold - Community Reviews back

by Chris Cleave
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O! what Man will do fore a Rime!
O! what Man will do fore a Rime! rated it 6 years ago
Note: The review below was taken directly from my Goodreads account. Gold is about two women cyclists who are training for the 2012 Olympics and who also happen to be best friends. One, Kate, has a daughter with leukemia; the other, Zoe, has intense hang-ups.Cleave's writing has really improved an...
donnambrownuk rated it 7 years ago
Chris Cleave is a beautiful storyteller. He weaves wonderful relationships out of the most difficult scenarios. Thought-provoking and touching, his stories showcase the very best and worst of people at the same time. They make you despair for humanity at the same time as giving you hope for our rac...
mtw1tter rated it 7 years ago
Given the number of 'bad' reviews in here, I am going to stick my fingers in my ears and not listen to the nay Sayers and say I absolutely love this novel. I was all prepared to dismiss it as fluff because of the material. A book about the Olympics in the same year as the London Olympics. How calcul...
helenliz rated it 7 years ago
This had its moments, but it did hit one of my annoyances. It's a tale of elite cyclists as they approach the London Olympics. Jack, Kate & Zoe meet in their late teens and their lives and cycling careers are woven together for the next 14 years. The relationship between Zoe & Kate is complicated by...
Michelle Scott, urban fantasy author
I discovered this book in my library's 'New' shelf, and I have to admit that I wasn't sold on either the cover or the blurb. However, seeing that the Olympics are underway, I decided to take a chance. I am so glad that I did!Cleave's Gold tells the story of two, British women who are both completi...
Shelly's Book Journal
Shelly's Book Journal rated it 8 years ago
This is the story of two female cyclists and their friendship and rivalry from age 19 to the present day Olympics. It's the story of how two unlikely rivals became friends of sorts as they competed for everything in their lives. The story starts today - just months before the 2012 Olympics, but as...
guiltlessreader rated it 8 years ago
Originally posted on my blog guiltlessreadingAhh friendship, what a strange thing.The book in one sentence: Two friends battle it out ... on their bicycles, for the same man, and for the same child.My thoughts: Oh that cover - so interesting (I have a thing for typographic art) and the premise of th...
The Nrrdling (Aryn)
The Nrrdling (Aryn) rated it 8 years ago
My screenwriter boyfriend tells me there is a certain way that stories are supposed to go, a certain formula of events, if you will. Read enough books, see enough movies, and one begins to really believe that. The trick to good story telling is to have stories go in the way that they are supposed ...
CKs Book Reads
CKs Book Reads rated it 8 years ago
I started reading this at 11:48 pm Wednesday night. By 1 am I was nearly a quarter of the way in and seriously contemplating calling in sick to work the next day so I could stay up and read straight through. Sanity kicked in and I decided to mark my place and go to sleep. Since then I have spent ...
Chels & a Book
Chels & a Book rated it 51 years ago
We read books for so many different reasons: to be transported to other worlds, to fall in love with characters, to witness action that makes our hearts race, and so much more. Reading Chris Cleave’s new novel, GOLD, I felt as though I was a fly on the wall, watching the most intimate moments in th...
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