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Grifter's Game (Hard Case Crime, #1) - Community Reviews back

by Lawrence Block
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The Professor
The Professor rated it 3 months ago
Sex-bomb manipulates player into offing her money-bags husband but the person really pulling the strings is the author. This starts off in familiar waters but Block’s plot turns are, as usual, quite delicious and the narrative ends up going to some surprisingly nihilistic placesThis short novel is a...
MarginMan rated it 5 years ago
I read Mona years ago. It was a different edition than the one shown here. Not a fan of this cover. Anyway...It was definitely a page-turner. Might have given it 5 stars. But I wonder if certain aspects hold up well in our era. I'm used to reading books from earlier generations, but not every reader...
Seriously, Read a Book!
Seriously, Read a Book! rated it 5 years ago
I hope that the men I know take it as a compliment that I had a little trouble buying-in with this one. Don't get me wrong, Lawrence Block knows how to write his genre better than most, so I'll take some of the blame for my failure to suspend disbelief. [spoiler] Call me cynical, but if one roll i...
blackguysdoread rated it 5 years ago
I've started reading and enjoying Lawrence Block's Matt Scudder series this year and I decided to try this book out, a hard-boiled early one-off by the author which also happens to be the first reprint by the popular Hard Case Crime series. A drifting con man (his name might be David Gavilan, or it ...
JasonKoivu rated it 7 years ago
More than just good salacious fun! Grifter's Game, even 50 years after its original publication, still manages to surprise and morally offend...and I loved it! Block has you helplessly rooting for scumbag Joe Marlin, as he cons his way into money and into bed. His falling for a girl holds, at its ba...
brandonsears rated it 7 years ago
If this is any indication of what I have ahead of me with Hard Case Crime, I'm a happy man. Not only is this novel so tightly edited, it's a no-nonsense, straight up page-turner.When I was hit with the first plot twist, my mouth dropped open. Maybe some people might be able to spot it early on (if...
Uncertain, Fugitive, Half-fabulous
Uncertain, Fugitive, Half-fabulous rated it 12 years ago
Hard Case Crime is great, simple as that. This one's surprisingly disturbing later on.
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