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Grimlock ♥ Prince Robot IV
Grimlock ♥ Prince Robot IV
I'm a well read technosexual who's bluntly honest about all things, although I try to be most honest about myself.
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Your last reply was two weeks ago. Any updates on when the shelve it button for Amazon.com will be fixed? Since they don't sell single issues of comics for DC, and I believe Image, on Amazon.co.uk, I can't use shelve it via .co.uk. And no other foreign version of Amazon seems to work... more »
I've been procrastinating on my mid-terms and finals :/ Going to start them today. At some point. I swear! more »
LOL. I answered with way too much information. Jessica, I can run one during summer if you want! I'd have to come up with ideas, but I think maybe a summer vacation type thing? more »
Oh, Mallory, it's guaranteed to be good. Thank you! Because I am just bonkers busy. Filling out the form right now. more »
I'm hoping so, too, because I miss the straight Amazon link comes back. And that sounds like a legit possibility, but without knowing what's going on bedding the scenes, it's hard to do anything but speculate! more »
Ah. That may explain it: there must be some tie to that link. Because I know I couldn't import information from, say, B&N, and we don't have those links. I'm guessing that the fact that .co.uk works for shelve it and the link is there has something to do with this. Just like I'm guessing tha... more »
Thank you! Glad to hear it. I had stopped updating my reviews because I need to catch up today and just knowing the UK site should work is fabulous. I can totally do that, thanks! more »
Just poking my head in to remind someone that this is starting soon... more »
Please, please bring back shelving from Amazon, or another site. Adding comics one by one is a /pain/. more »
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