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Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
I'm a well read grad student who's bluntly honest about all things, although I try to be most honest about myself.
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I'm also sad you missed this! more »
It's packed up, and it should be ready to go out tomorrow. more »
Got it and have some pretty neat ideas now. more »
So exciting. Thank you for hosting this, Mallory! more »
Signed up. I'm just wondering - grimoire can be any book related to the person's interest, or should it involve magic? I'm rather literal so my first through was actual grimoires, but I doubt you're saying only those. more »
Would either Rocket Raccoon or Groot count as cryptozoological? I figure Groot is of a race of Groots so alien might fit better, but Rocket, particularly the new comics/MCU Rocket - the one in the prose novels - might count since he was experimented on and is one of a kind? However, as a talking ... more »
Sounds awesome. more »
Thanks! Love it, and I am going to plan books tonight or tomorrow. more »
Legit. You did a lot of cards today, and thank you for your work on this. more »
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