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MM Lover who is never afraid of casting David as her book boyfriend of the day.
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Well I had entered my books from GR several years ago. Then added more books a few months ago. Leafmarks closed down so I had to update my entire catalog and did this on GR to get the right csv file. When I uploaded the new file to BL it only added new ones. It does not copy over reviews already in ... more »
;) thank you Cheri. Yes I've lost email notifications again too. more »
Well another week and still no response. :( more »
Murder by Death - Yes, I have confirmed that all my emails have started with an "i". So far I have sent at least 5 to this address plus several to the Contact address. I am resending more today along with one to "Kate" which was mentioned above as well. At this point, I have heard nothing. I woul... more »
Thanks Charlton! I will try anything. more »
Well another 24 hours and still no response from my multiple emails. *sigh* And I tried setting up a new account and still got no verification code sent. *double sigh* more »
Thanks all! I'm going to attempt a new account tomorrow and see if I can get things to work. Does anyone know if there are other "staff" at BL or is it just Iurii?? more »
*fingers crossed*. I did get lots of email notifications so hopefully that's a good first step! more »
Well four hours later and I am still waiting. Not that I expect my issues to be dealt with immediately but a "Hey I received your email and am working to correct your problem" would be great. I highly doubt any of these emails are being received. more »
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