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Char's Horror Corner
Char's Horror Corner
Welcome to my Corner! I specialize in Dark Fiction reviews including Horror, Dark Fantasy, Splatterpunk, Horror of the 70's &...
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You two. Are awesome. That is all. more »
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That carolemelda spammed a bunch of my posts. I spent some time deleting those and then blocked about 15,000 others. I also went and messaged the BL FB page. Again. Not that they do anything, but bitching makes me feel better. more »
This is where I landed: 15. Read a book with a tree (or trees) on the cover, or that is set in a mountain community. I guess I can't post a picture here, so here's a link to the Amazon page. Would this book qualify? I can't tell quite yet, if the wood is in a mountain community or not? https://ww... more »
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