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 Leah's Bookish Obsession
Leah's Bookish Obsession
I'm a work in progress, I think I'll always be... Spoiler-free, and smaller, pocket-sized reviews. All my ratings start a...
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That's what I was thinking, but since it's something new to the game, I just wanted to know for sure. more »
When using the transfiguration spell on a square...at what point can you consider it 'called'...for the square that it is originally or for the square you transfigured to? I'm assuming it's the latter (whatever you transfigured it to), but I could be wrong, so I thought I would ask. more »
Awesome, thank you, MR! more »
Yay! I would like a mix of all with light supernatural, please. more »
Landed in jail on the 23rd(sorry haven't been updating on here, to busy with work)...I read Polaris Rising at 448 Pages and I'm a dollar short for my bail so I'm taking $1 of the bail fund. New Current Bail Fund = $8.00 more »
So, regarding the extra rolls, if I'm currently trying to finish a book that has been adapted for a film square (The Maze Runner}, and I'm barely started on it because I had to listen to my library hold {Ruby Hotel} which didn't fit the adapted for film square, do I have to finish the Maze Runner an... more »
Cool, thanks MR...I can put my post up now. more »
So If I get doubles and land on the race car, can I roll again right away? I'm trying to set up my first post and figure out my first read and I'm already stumped? more »
I want to play, can you please add me too? more »
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