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Hamlet - editions back

by William Shakespeare
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Hamlet (Cambridge School Shakespeare) - William Shakespeare, Rex Gibson, Richard Andrews
Hamlet (Cambridge School Shakespeare)
publisher: Cambridge University Press publish date: December 19th 2005
format: paperback pages: 289
language: English
ISBN: 0521618746 (9780521618748)
Hamlet - William Shakespeare
publisher: Simon & Schuster publish date: July 1st 1992
format: mass market paperback pages: 342
language: English
ISBN: 074347712X (9780743477123)
ASIN: 074347712X
Hamlet - Sylvan Barnet, William Shakespeare
publisher: Signet Classics publish date: June 1st 1998
format: paperback pages: 271
language: English
ISBN: 0451526929 (9780451526922)
ASIN: 451526929
Hamlet (Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism) - William Shakespeare, Susanne L. Wofford
Hamlet (Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism)
publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's publish date: November 15th 1993
format: Paperback pages: 418
language: English
ISBN: 0312055447 (9780312055448)
ASIN: 312055447
Hamlet - G.R. Hibbard, William Shakespeare
publisher: Oxford University Press, USA publish date: June 11th 1998
format: paperback pages: 416
language: English
ISBN: 0192834169 (9780192834164)
Hamlet (New Folger Library) - Paul Werstine, Barbara A. Mowat, William Shakespeare
Hamlet (New Folger Library)
publisher: Washington Square Press publish date: August 1st 1992
format: Mass Market pages: 400
language: English
ISBN: 067172262X (9780671722623)
Hamlet (The Pelican Shakespeare) - Stephen Orgel, A.R. Braunmuller, William Shakespeare
Hamlet (The Pelican Shakespeare)
publisher: Penguin Classics publish date: December 1st 2001
format: paperback pages: 208
language: English
ISBN: 0140714545 (9780140714548)
ASIN: 140714545
Hamlet - SparkNotes Editors, John Crowther, William Shakespeare
publisher: Spark Publishing publish date: April 15th 2003
format: paperback pages: 352
language: English
ISBN: 1586638440 (9781586638443)
ASIN: 1586638440
Hamlet - William Shakespeare
publisher: Dover Publications publish date: September 24th 1992
format: paperback pages: 128
language: English
ISBN: 0486272788 (9780486272788)
ASIN: 486272788
Hamlet (The Arden Edition of the Works of William Shakespeare) - Harold Jenkins, William Shakespeare
Hamlet (The Arden Edition of the Works of William Shakespeare)
publisher: Thomson Learning publish date: April 29th 1982
format: paperback pages: 592
language: English
ISBN: 0174434693 (9780174434696)
ASIN: 174434693
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