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Hard Eight - Community Reviews back

by Janet Evanovich
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mollysmommyreads rated it 4 years ago
Jan 2018Car casualties: 4Bodies: 2Handcuffs: 5FTAs: 2Snakes: 4Spiders: 5Winne the Pooh references: 1I expect certain things when I read a Stephanie Plum novel... I expect Stephanie to be awful at her job, I expect her to wreck or blow up at least one car, I expect her to love Morelli and be f...
Martha Sweeney
Martha Sweeney rated it 4 years ago
I enjoyed many of the Stephanie Plum series when I was a teenager and young adult. However, now that I'm older and have read a few of the more recent additions, I'd have to say I'm a little disappointed. There hasn't been much character development or movement forward. It's the same general routi...
Beth's Books
Beth's Books rated it 5 years ago
Originally seen on my book blog!The characters. The characters. The characters. DEVELOPMENT. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Okay, I started this series with book 5, then skipped to 17 and 19 and then went back to the start. When I went back to book number one, I noticed that some characters were so differen...
Larabel rated it 5 years ago
e mezzo..... lettura piacevole ma senza l'abituale tensione tra i protagonisti..... nonostante tra Steph e Ranger ci sia sesso.... non so bene perché ma non mi ha acchiappato come gli altri..... Nonna Mazur é mitica come sempre!
Denise rated it 6 years ago
I really didn't like this one. It felt like it took me forever to finish it because it was just so boring (I don't really like Ranger that much and don't really want Stephanie to have a relationship with him but even I was cheering for her to sleep with him just to have something spice this up a bit...
Don't Stop Readin'
Don't Stop Readin' rated it 6 years ago
I am giving this book 5 Stars solely on the grounds that it was beyond hilarious. Never in my life I have read anything so ridiculously funny!Every character, every situation was so full of rollicking stupidity that it made me burst out laughing. The mystery in this book was okay, I didn't really ...
RoseInCanada rated it 6 years ago
So I have now finished the book and it ended better than I thought it was going to. It was the worst book so far in the series and it took everything I had to keep from just closing the book half-way through and moving on to something else. It ended well enough to want to start nine. -----------...
Sammy rated it 6 years ago
Hard Eight is a fantastic Plum novel and is one of my favorites :) This story is about Stephanie helping out her parent's neighbor. The neighbor's granddaughter Evelyn and great granddaughter Annie have disappeared so Stephanie agrees to help find them. In the process of locating Evelyn and Annie, S...
CheriePie's Books
CheriePie's Books rated it 6 years ago
Just whipped through books 4 through 8 of the Stephanie Plum series, along with the Between-the-Numbers Holiday short story Visions of Sugar Plums. These are such fun, quick, reads that it's hard to sit down and write a review after each one without wanting to just jump right into the next instead....
Little Miss Bookmark
Little Miss Bookmark rated it 7 years ago
Another great Plum novel from Evanovich! I just can't get enough of this series!!!
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