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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Community Reviews back

by J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré
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Bridget Reads
Bridget Reads rated it 2 months ago
My Thoughts-Will Open in New Window/Tab
Thalia @ Pictures in the Words
Thalia @ Pictures in the Words rated it 3 months ago
Okay. So, you know how sometimes you read a book that is beloved by almost everyone on the planet, but you’re not really as into it as everyone else because you have absolutely no nostalgia attached to the book itself or the author, but it’s also been so long since you read it that you can’t really ...
Knotty Thoughts
Knotty Thoughts rated it 4 months ago
I'm now officially in love with Jim Dale's narration of these books. His take on Gilderoy Lockhart was amazing: he makes Lockhart both funny and infuriating. This is my second time going through the series. I read the books as they came out from the very first one to the last, and now I realize ho...
Line Bookaholic
Line Bookaholic rated it 5 months ago
It's always amazing to re-read a Harry Potter book. I have so many feeling every single time and I never get bored!The illustrations are stunning and really add something to the story in my opinion. This one was creepy though, with all the spiders...
A Scottish-Canadian Blethering On About Books
I found this second Harry Potter novel to be very similar in structure to The Philosopher's Stone. Mysteriously out of control and dangerous magical events - as opposed to run-of-the-mill benign ones - lead to Potter and his friends investigating a forbidden and secret place within Hogwarts. There t...
YA Fanatic
YA Fanatic rated it 6 months ago
I took my time reading this lovely, gorgeous edition of Chamber of Secrets. I'm so excited for the later books to be in illustrated versions. They are just so stunning. The illustrator really makes it feel like a whole new story with the pictures added. No matter how many times I read these books, i...
The Master's Nook
The Master's Nook rated it 9 months ago
I won’t be ashamed of admitting that I am now one of Harry Potter fanatics. If children’s books are as good as this series, then I’m definitely missing something in my life. I should probably read a lot from this genre/category. Also, this is one of the times that I’m thankful that the book seri...
ELK's Library
ELK's Library rated it 9 months ago
The illustrations were once again amazing in this illustrated edition. But as much as I enjoyed this edition, I do feel like I should warn anybody who is afraid of spiders, this is not the book for you. The section with Aragog was creepy enough just reading, illustrated, it's a thousand times worse....
Linda78 rated it 10 months ago
Oh, Dobby, you meant well but... This one isn't as strong as the first or the others in the series. I think only Half-Blood Prince would rank lower than this for me, but who knows. That might change when I get around to listening to that one. I'm remembering how much I enjoyed book!Ron and I wis...
Kitty Horror
Kitty Horror rated it 10 months ago
This is my second (or third/fourth, can't remember now) read of this book and I still enjoyed it almost as much as the first time I read it. I would say with this read it seemed to lag just a little around 3/4 of the way through but not enough for me to mark it down more than 1/2 star. 5/25 Comp...
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