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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Community Reviews back

by J.K. Rowling
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Bridget Reads
Bridget Reads rated it 1 month ago
Bridget Blogs Books
Mary's Books
Mary's Books rated it 1 month ago
It is the summer before Year 6 and Harry is back at his aunt and uncle's house and he is waiting for Professor Dumbledore to come and get him to take him to the Burrow. Everyone in the wizarding world is nervous and know that he is "The Chosen One" because that is what is being printed in the Wizard...
Url Phantomhive
Url Phantomhive rated it 9 months ago
The review below was based on my first read of the Harry Potter books, ages ago and in Dutch. Updated reviews will follow after a reread (in English) I plan to do. After the first time I read the series, this has remained one of my favourites, even though the ending must have been spoilt to me at ...
A Scottish-Canadian Blethering On About Books
Of all the books in the series so far, this is by far the one with the unhappiest, and least satisfying, ending. It seems to me that it is in fact the first half of a two-book arc rather than a closed tale in itself, which is not in any way uncommon in fantasy fiction, but took me slightly by surpri...
Linda78 rated it 1 year ago
Seriously, he figures out Draco's a Death Eater based on absolutely nothing but suspicion, but he can't figure out the potions master did all the scribbling and refining of potions instructions in the old potions book. *sigh* Oh, Harry, Harry, Harry. Also, Snape's an ass for never sharing those r...
A Catty Babble of Books
A Catty Babble of Books rated it 2 years ago
mollysmommyreads rated it 2 years ago
It was 2000 when I first read Harry Potter. My friend Super Suz recommended the series to me but I put off reading it for ages. I wasn’t into reading much young adult stuff back then and my argument for not reading them was that I wasn’t interested in reading children’s book. How book-snobbish of me...
Jennifer's Books
Jennifer's Books rated it 2 years ago
This: But also a lot of this:
Dang Rover: Cover to Cover
Dang Rover: Cover to Cover rated it 2 years ago
Snape is revealed. Draco is used. Harry is alone. And now, the end.
NerdyBirdie rated it 2 years ago
When people tell me that they read Harry Potter in their childhood I will now feel extremely concerned because how can someone READ something like that when they’re like, EIGHT YEARS OLD?!?! WERE YOU SO TRAUMATIZED WHEN YOU WERE EIGHT YEARS OLD?!? [spoiler] DID YOU NOT GO INTO DEPRESSION WHEN YOU W...
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